About Our Decals

Simply put, Auto-Graphs™ brand decals are the highest quality, and the best-selling name-dropped decals on the American market. Your customers will know the difference. Here’s why:

Auto-Graphs™ are made from the same engineered film that is used to make automotive pin-striping by the car manufacturers. They are rated for a 3-5 year outdoor life without peeling, fading, or cracking.
These are not die cut stickers.
They’re printed, knife cut and individually hand weeded in our Nicholasville, KY facility. They are second generation USA made, meaning we use 100% USA made raw materials. Name-Drops and other parts of the design that are separated are held in place by application tape that peels off after the decal in in place. That means no ugly clear background like you see on cheap stickers that try to copy our look by printing on clear vinyl.
Each decal is individually bagged with a hard card in the back.
So they stay pristine until your customer buys them. Our header cards allow you to hang the decals on hooks in your store or use one of our amazing, free displays. Ever bought a pack of cheap, die cut stickers and put them out for sale only to come back in a few weeks and find them to be a curled mess? Not with Auto-Graphs™ decals!
All of our decals include a free name-drop and are sold with minimums that are small store friendly.
Our philosophy is different than most decal manufacturers. Rather than sell you 500 die cut stickers that are all the same design, we would rather you buy a small amount of a whole lot of different designs. That gives you a much greater chance of someone liking something and making a purchase.
None of our decals are pre-made.
Everything is made to order, exactly how you name-drop it. You can choose a different name-drop for every decal design if you want. That’s what makes us so unique! We let you pinpoint exactly what’s going to sell in your store, not the store 10 miles away.
You’ll need to apply for an account to see the designs and order decals.
We’re wholesale only and will only allow legitimate retailers to access our designs.
Our displays are not for sale.
You can’t buy one, but we’ll give you one FREE when you buy the product that goes in it. Nothing has ever sold decals at retail like these displays. Check out the display page and see why!
If you need some help picking your designs, call us toll free (888) 272-7773.
We don’t know your store as well as you do, but we see what is selling in every area of the country and help you pick some winners you might not have thought about.
Consider ordering early.
You want your new season order in the spring, but so does everyone else. Our lead times average 2-3 weeks most of the year, but can get out to 4-5 weeks when everyone wants their product in the spring. The website should quote you an accurate lead time.