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Introducing the Brass Reminders amazing Decal Tower!

Imagine a display that almost doubles decal sales at some stores! This shiny black acrylic display holds 32 different designs on only 14” x 14” of your floor. Choose 32 styles from your existing designs, or the over 60 “logodrop” styles we have available, or any combination of the two. Send us an order and art. We’ll adjust the sizes and colors of our designs to compliment your logos. You’ll see a proof before we proceed and once you approve them, you’ll go from a few styles of decals to an incredible variety of great-selling designs!

We’ve lowered our minimums for this promotion to only 24 pieces/design, so don’t miss out - call us today or see hundreds of variations available for you to use at CAMEX booth 6658.

Our Decal Tower explodes your decal sales!

- Holds 32 designs in 14" x 14" floor space.

- Over 60 logodrop styles available.

- Each style optimized for your logo.

- Low minimums you can afford.

Note: All designs shown are copyrights of their respective institutions. Some images shown may be for sample purposes only.