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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our Product Information and Order Information page for questions not answered here.  If you have other questions not answered under any of these sections, feel free to call us toll-free (888) 272-7773 M-F 8AM – 6 PM Eastern Time.

How do I select the right size?
Please see our Product Information page for apparel sizes.  Adult sizes are for both men and women.  Kids sizes look like an age, but are in fact, a size. They are not the same as the child's age. They are generally for grade school children.

Will the garments shrink?
Our T-shirts are a pre-shrunk 90/10 cotton/poly blend. Sweatshirts and Hoodies are 50/50. While not guaranteed, shrinkage is not expected, and any that does occur should be minimal. Infant onesies and Toddler Long Sleeve T-Shirts are 100% cotton and may shrink as you would expect a cotton garment to do.

Are all the garments the same Sports Gray color?  Can I get a different color?
Yes, all our apparel items except hats are the sports gray color. Our graphics have been designed especially for that color garment. You may order a different color in minimums of 24 per item/per design.

Are the Sweatshirt/Hoodie sizes bigger than the same size T-Shirt?
Yes. The sweatshirts and hoodies are generously sized to be used as outerwear, over another shirt.

Why are there only a few "Featured Names?"
Each month we select a few last names to make apparel products for. Because we make so many of the same name at a time, we can offer these names only are discounted prices. The next month we move on to different featured names, so there are only a few names featured at a time.

Can I order apparel for a name other than the featured names?
Absolutely! You can order any name at any time. Because we're making one garment, rather than an economical batch, prices are just a little higher than our featured name pricing, but still represent an outstanding value. Note that hats are only offered in featured names. All other items are available for custom orders. Please use the custom name button on our home page. (Directly under the featured name drop down box.)

Can I place an order for apparel for a featured name after the deadline?
Certainly, however you will be charged custom name pricing rather than the special featured name pricing. Use the custom name button on our home page. (Directly under the featured name drop down box.) Note: Hats are not available after the deadline.

Does the deadline apply to non-apparel items?
No. These items are personalized to order for all orders and can be ordered anytime at our lowest prices. The discount price deadline applies only to apparel items.

The red, white, and blue USA looks faded on the photos on your website. Why is that?
This is a popular technique called distressing to give the appearance of age. We only do this to the USA part of the two designs that use the USA graphic. Distressing is adding artificial cracks, wrinkles, and faded spots to the graphic. Note this is applied to the design only, not the garment.  The garment looks, and is brand new, only the graphic is made to look aged.

I ordered a "Featured Name" for myself and also a custom name for a friend. When I received my order, the blue ink was a slightly different shade on each one. Is this normal?
Yes. For featured names, we send out postcards and receive orders for large amounts of these names. These items are made in large batches. Custom names are made one at a time only when someone orders them. We use a different process for large batches than for one-at-a-time production. Both come out beautifully, but some shade variation is normal.

How soon will my order ship?
Most orders ship in approximately 2 weeks. Shipping time is an additional 2-6 days depending on your proximity to our Lexington, KY plant.

Can the order be rushed?
Apparel items are produced on a tightly controlled production schedule and cannot be rushed. Some giftware items may be rushed, some may not. Please call (888) 272-7773 to inquire. Some gift items such as custom wristbands and memorial decals carry an extra fee for rush service, but can ship as fast as one day to be used at a funeral service .

How did you get my name? Can I be taken off your list?
We use a mailing company to send postcards to households with our featured names. We do not maintain a mailing list here at Brass Reminders. The mailing lists are purchased through a list broker, so we have no way of removing your name from their lists. If our solicitation offended you in any way, please accept our apologies. It is unlikely you will receive any further mailings from us because there are tens of thousands of last names out there and we only feature a few each month.

Will I receive more mailings to remind me to order in the future?
Probably not. As mentioned above, there are tens of thousands of last names out there and we only feature a few each month. More than likely, you won't ever get another postcard from us. You can always bookmark our website to return later, but even if you don't plan to use these until later, order now while featured name pricing is available.

Will I receive an e-mail confirmation of my order?
If you provide us an e-mail address when you place your order on-line you will receive an e-mail confirmation when the order is placed. You will not receive an order confirmation if you order is placed by phone, fax, or mail. Regardless how you place the order, if you give us an e-mail address you will receive an e-mail confirmation when your order ships giving you the tracking number.

I want to order the same style and color of pen with several different names. I can only type in one name on the order form. How do I do this?
Select the style and color of pen you want, and enter the name. Add to cart on the bottom of the page. Then on the shopping cart page, click “Continue Shopping.” You will then be able to order the same pen and color in a different name.

I want to order apparel items for multiple names. Can I do this on one order?
As long as they are all shipping to the same address. Each shipping address requires a separate order. To do this, use the continue shopping button on the shopping cart to return to the page where you type in the custom name.

Will you sell my e-mail address?
Absolutely not! All information provided to us stays with us. We do not rent, sell, or share our customer information with anyone for any reason.

Do you have a catalog?
No, our products are viewable only on line and on the postcards we mail to our feature name households each month.